Tips for Parents on Internet Safety and My space

It has become a frightening set of words MySpace. Parents are automatically timid to allow for their children and or teens to set up blog sites on my space due to the recent news stories of cyber bullying and teen suicide. Internet dangers are there in full force with cyber bullying, online predators, and fraud and identity theft.

Our youth often believes that they will not be affected by these dangers and it is our jobs as parents or guardians to teach our youth that they are in fact susceptible and how to prevent these dangers from occurring to them. My space offers a safety tips site on how to protect yourself and or your kids and teens.

These guidelines include not posting personal information that could allow for an online predator to find your physical location. Do not mislead others in thinking that you are of an age that you presently are not.

Do not post any threatening or inappropriate text on your site and report any that you see or receive. Do not post any thing embarrassing or lude as this could lead to unfortunate events in the future. Basically keep your blog site clean and professional.

Any inappropriate behavior is not tolerated and will be dealt with appropriately. This information should be read through with your teens and once you are certain they understand this you can make a judgment on letting them proceed with their site creation.

Do not be afraid to tell your kids that you will check in on the site and do some preventive maintenance by reviewing the information. This is not taking away their privacy, as it is simply a safety precaution. Discussing this information with your teens and kids you can build an understanding and create the safest environment when using the Internet.

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