Three Ways To Figure Out Emoticons

Emoti-whats? If you are new to Internet lingo you may not have any idea what an emoticon is. Even if you know what they are, do you understand them? Let’s take it one step further, you know what they are and you have a very basis knowledge of emotions but you want to know more.

Parents who have children or teens who are online users may want to brush up on their emoticon skills. Emoticons are those little smiley faces that are used to express emotion online. If you want to learn more about them and understand this newer kind of communication there are a few things you can do.

The first way to gain some knowledge is to ask your kids for help. This will only be successful if your children are willing to share this knowledge with you and are O.K. with your involvement. If not, you may not have quite the correct information and that could result in more confusion about the subject than you are already experiencing.

Another way to find out how to use an emoticon or two is to find a high school or college student who is fluent in the area. Many young people are extremely proficient when it comes to the emoticon language and will be able to shed light on the subject for you. Not only can they help you with this they may also be able to answer any other questions you have about using the Internet.

The third way you can get help is to take a class. There are some community colleges and computer businesses that offer classes in these areas.

Emoticons are much less confusing when you get a little help.

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