The Pros And Cons of MySpace

There are pros and cons to using MySpace.  It certainly depends on who you talk to about the site but here goes:

Pros:  MySpace is a place where friends can meet and talk about plans, events and social activities.

MySpace allows people to express themselves and say what they want to. 

My Space can be a relatively safe place for older teens and young adults to share information about themselves and to meet new people.  People can share their views, interests and passions.

Use of MySpace works well for younger people who don’t use e-mail very often but enjoy instant messaging. 

MySpace provides young people a site where they can give and receive feedback. 

Cons:  MySpace can be dangerous because there are sexual predators who use the site to seduce young people.

Many parents are not aware of the dangers of MySpace.  There are even parents who do not realize their teens have a profile on MySpace or what information may have been given.

Advertisers use MySpace as a way to make a lot of money.  Some of the sites that have advertising are used in conjunction with sexual content.  This means the advertisers are making money from ads that promote pornography.

MySpace tries to have controls and it has monitoring procedures in place but many things have slipped through.  There are groups that promote homosexual practices as well as groups that show pornographic photos.

MySpace can not control the people who lie about their age or give other false information.  It also can’t do anything about teens who are 14 and choose to correspond with people who are 10, 20 or 30 years older.

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