The Importance Of Web Safety

The Internet can be a useful tool for business and education. It can also be a place to enjoy games and communication with friends and relatives. If the Internet is not used wisely it can be a dangerous playground for our youth. There are four main dangers that we must inform and discuss with our children prior to Internet use.

These four dangers include online dangers, predators, bullies and identity theft. If the dangers of Internet use are discussed along with prevention methods to be put into action you can feel confident to allow your children on the net. First thing to discuss is that there are people online in chat rooms and other areas that come off kind but do so often with bad intentions. Everyone on the net is not who they claim to be.

These persons are often sexual predators who prey on innocent children and do their worst to lure them into a physical meeting place for abduction. Never meet a chat or Internet buddy alone is the number one rule. Also discuss the protection of private information such as phone numbers, full name and address of school or home.

Knowing the dangers that are possible and how to avoid them is key to internet safety. Visit sites such as for more safety information and how to best protect your family online. You can create or print safety quizzes to ensure that your family absorbed the information discussed and that they are ready to be safe and responsible online.

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