Teach Your Kids Internet Safety

Your kids can be elementary age or older, either way internet safety is a must before going online. Without rules an guidelines when accessing the Internet our children run the risk of being harmed by one of the numerous fiends that wait quietly ready to strike on any piece of personal information presented.

You have to explain to your children that the Internet is a wonderful tool that can be used for fun and games or education and business. There are also despicable people with bad intentions who will prey on their emotions and information.

Never give out personal information online, this information includes phone numbers, addresses, emails, full names, social security number and birth dates. Protecting your personal information is like keeping yourself out of a lion’s den full of starving big cats.

Sit down with your family and discuss the dangers of using the Internet as well as how to avoid these dangers and react to a threat or uncomfortable situation. After you go over this information you can quiz your kids. This will keep the information fresh in their minds. You can also have everyone sign a safety pledge that has safety tip reminders on it.

This information can be placed near the computer as a helpful reminder for the family. With Internet bullies, cyber stalkers and Internet predators, safety online is a must. It only takes a few short minutes to talk to your kids about internet safety and this short talk could possibly safe their young lives.

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