Solutions To Kids Online Safety Issues

It’s a dangerous place but one where your kids may spend quite a bit of time. There are many online dangers lurking out there but before you get too concerned you need to know that there are solutions to make your kids a little safer online.

Solution #1: Talk to your children and voice your concerns. Many children are very receptive to talking with parents about online dangers. Keep the conversation relaxed and don’t appear to be overly upset. When you are able to discuss your concerns in a clear and calm manner you may be able to reach an agreement about online rules and usage.

Solution #2: After talking to your children you should come up with a written plan. You may even want to let your child prepare the list of rules and then parent’s and child can both sign the plan. You will need to make sure the consequences are listed and that you are willing and able to follow through on the consequences.

Solution #3: Read, read, read! There are all kinds of articles and books written on the subject of online dangers. You will be able to access quite a bit of information online. The more you know the better prepared you will be.

Solution #4: Form a group of other concerned parents. There is a wealth of information that can be shared when parents get together. This is also a good way to find out what other parents are doing about online dangers. You will be able to talk to your kid’s friend’s parents and create a support system.

These solutions will help you and your children combat online dangers.

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