Smart Internet Practices for Children

If you are a parent, chances are that your kids like to go online.  The fact of the matter is that for most kids the internet is the best way to communicate.  But the problem is your kids may not be communicating only with people that they know.  They may also be looking for new friends via sites such as MySpace.  If this sounds like your child, there is nothing to be alarmed about just yet.  But you must remember that there are predators out there who are trying to get in touch with young, easy to convince kids.

One of the best practices that your child can take part in when on the internet is never giving out contact information.  This may seem like an easy task, but for children it can be quite difficult.  After all, the predators are telling them what they want to hear, so giving them an address or phone number is easy.  If your child knows that they will be reprimanded for this behavior, they will think twice about doing it.

Of course, you should also tell your child that they do not have to deal with people who are threatening them.  Make sure that your children know that if they are threatened online or feel uncomfortable that they should immediately sign off and tell you about the problem. 

What you think is common sense may not be for your child.  Make sure that they know how to use the internet in a smart way.  This will help to avoid any problems before they start.

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