Single Parent Safety on the Web

Single parents have to take online precautions, not only to protect their children but to protect themselves as well. Online dating is very popular with single parents who typically have little time or inclination to party night after night, taking in the bar scene looking for that special someone.

Online precautions for these parents is not only about somehow finding a way to oversee what their children are doing on the Web but to keep themselves safe while they try to meet their soul mate. Online dating is a logical way to meet others while still taking quality time for their children.

Whether it’s young children, teens, young adults, single parents, cheating spouses–or whomever, online dating is the most active type of Internet service there is. It beats online shopping and it surpasses online banking as well. Online precautions for parents, especially single parents are a major Internet concern.

The fact is that many millions more spend time on the Web looking for their special someone than do those who try the local dating scene. Part of the reason for this is the preponderance of divorce, of child birth out of wedlock, and the resulting huge number of single parents.

These parents now must spend their time and energy trying to be the only caregiver to their children, the only breadwinner and the only housekeeper. They still want to have a life for themselves as well. Perhaps they’re too tired to go out at night, perhaps they can’t afford it. Babysitters are costly too. Many find an online dating service the best solution.

These parents must take online precautions, however. First, they should be cautious but honest. Making it clear up front that they do have children will avoid an angry confrontation later. It will also weed out those who are not interested, and speed up the process of finding the right person for them.

What they should not do, however, is name or otherwise identify themselves or their children. Even saying things like, “My son’s middle school graduation is tonight can give that person they’re talking to online the information that will allow them to determine what school the child attends.

“Let’s meet someplace close to my home. How about the Starbucks at…” again gives clues to location. The best online precautions for single parents are to remember that they’re not just being safe for their own sake. They’re protecting their children as well.

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