Security and Safety Software for Kids

Two of the most important online safety tips for parents have to do with the restriction on the times your children can use the Internet, and the privacy they’re afforded to be on the Web alone and unsupervised.

The reason why the times your children are online are parts of successful online safety tips for parents is that children tend to visit sites they’re not allowed (or just sense you wouldn’t like them visiting) when you’re not available. Perhaps you and your spouse are both at work, or it’s your bowling or bridge club night, or you’re already in bed and your night owl is in her or his room in the dark in the chat room.

It’s best to restrict Internet access to times you are at home and to a time limit for each sitting. Giving them only 30 minutes at one setting to chat may interrupt a conversation before it has gone too far.

You might also consider a demand that your child chat with the door open and at an angle you can readily see what site he or she is on. You might even move the computer into a public area of your house.

There are software programs that can do the limiting of time for you. Generally you access the activity control panel online. Here you get access to a grid that shows each day divided into hours. Its default setting allows children Internet access 24 hours seven days each week.

In order to restrict this further, all you have to do is click on the specific days and times during which you want your kids blocked from accessing the Web. As the time begins to run out your child is given a warning at 15 minutes and then at one minute. While it returns to the primary login so someone else can now use the computer, your children’s last program is saved in the background so if it is something such as a game that he or she were in the middle of, it would be saved for pickup at a later time right were he or she left off.

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