Safety Tips for MySpace Users-Part Two

Yes, MySpace has many positive aspects.  The important thing is to remember to keep yourself and your kids as safe as possible when using the site.

You may be one of those people who are very trusting and never worry about anyone misrepresenting themselves.  You may have kids that are rather naïve about sites like MySpace and don’t think there are folks out there who would lie or hurt them.

These things are not true.  While the majority of people using MySpace are pretty much truthful about who they are as well as their intentions there will always be predators.  Not everyone who frequents MySpace is who they say they are.

It can be a lot of fun to meet new people on MySpace and develop friendships.  Do not meet people you have met at MySpace in person.  This is often where trouble begins.  When you agree to meet a stranger you could be asking for a very dangerous situation.

Think about what you are posting before you do it.  You can’t get it back and it will be available for everyone to see.  You may want to post a photo that is a little questionable.  Just remember you could have a parent, teacher or employer see that photo or read about your latest behavior at a party.

If you have kids who are using MySpace do not hesitate to check it out.  Set up rules and guidelines for any children or teens who are using MySpace.  Tall about the problems and dangers of using the site.  Talk about their profile before they post it and keep communication open about who they are corresponding with and what information they are sharing.

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