Safe Web Surfing for Kids

Does your child’s school have a class that teaches them about the internet?  Do you know what they learn in that class?  These are two very important questions to ask yourself.  Even though you did not have classes on the internet when you were young, this does not mean that your children don’t.

But there are two huge problems that go along with these classes.  The first one being that some schools do not teach them at all.  In today’s day and age of technology, it is essential that young minds get taught about the internet at an early age.  This will help to get them off on the right track.  The majority of schools are teaching these classes, but there are some that are lagging behind.  If your child’s school is one that has fallen behind, make it a point to get this changed.

Another big problem is the information that is being taught in these classes.  Sure, it is important that your child learns how to use the internet and what it can do for them, but at the same time they should also be learning about how to stay safe online.  This is an issue that is very important, and one that should be taught.  If your child’s lesson plan does not call for this, ask why.  By doing so you will be helping hundreds of kids stay safe.

Overall, look into the classes that your child is taking at school.  If they are not up to par, do something about it.  It is your right as a parent. 

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