Safe Web Surfing for Kids – Three Rules to Teach

If your child likes to go online and search for information they are just like every other kid in the world.  Gone are the days when kids go their information from encyclopedias and books.  At this point in time, everybody is using the internet to find what they need; and this is especially true when it comes to the younger generation.

But before you let your children aim freely online, make sure that you teach them the three areas detailed below.

1. Tell your kids that if they are going to be using sites such as MySpace where they communicate with others that they must not give out any contact information.  This is very important to remember in order to keep your child safe.

2. Make sure that your children know that it is not acceptable to go onto sites that are of bad taste.  Let them know that if you catch them doing this that they will be in trouble.  By keeping your kids off of these sites at an early age you will be helping to avoid problems down the road.

3. Let them know that there are people out there who are predators.  Believe it or not some kids may not know what is going on.  When a stranger contacts them they may be flattered and want to learn more.  But if you tell them about these people from the get go you will be able to avoid these issues from arising. 

Teach your kids how to safely surf the web so that you do not have to worry every time they sit down at the computer. 

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