Parental Tips For My Space Safety

My Space has become a popular method for keeping in contact with friends and family. This tool has been used in inappropriate ways leading to embarrassment and harassment. Inappropriate content has been displayed and a life lost due to cyber bullying.

Because of unfortunate events and information in the media, My Space has placed safety tips and or guidelines on their site for parents and users. These Myspace safety tips can be summed up in 5 steps.

1. The My Space profile is public. Do not post personal information such as a phone number, address, screen name or specific whereabouts on your space.

2. Be wary of additions to your friend list. Be sure you really know the person you are adding.

3. Harassment, hate speech or any other inappropriate behavior is not tolerated and should be reported.

4. Do not post embarrassing photos or comments as this may come back to haunt you in the future.

5. Honesty is a must. You must be 14 years of age or older to use My Space. If at anytime you are caught lying about your age your profile will be executed.

Speak to your children about self-representation. Discuss how they represent themselves can either benefit them or cause trouble in their lives. What you consider cool one minute is embarrassing the next. There are reports of youth taking pictures of under age intoxication and lude conduct and posting it online.

This can create gossip about ones reputation and even prevent job hiring as an adult. The old saying is what you see is what you get. Keep this in mind. For more information on web safety or My Space you can visit the site of your preference for more detailed information.

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