Online Safety Protection With Technology Reinforcement

As we see more and more reports through the media on the dangers that await us online it is no wonder why both family households and businesses alike are choosing to use computer-monitoring software. This technological wonder allows for all computer access and on goings to be recorded. For those who love to battle over rights and other non-sense you will hear that this is spying and when in use the recorder is up to no good.

In all actuality it is nothing more than what the government does to the public. Phone conversations and emails are viewed for protection and prevention against terrorism and other dangers. The use of this software helps parents, spouses and employers to know which sites are being accessed, what is said in an IM or chat room and if there are any dangers that are ongoing.

If one takes the time to read over Internet danger statistics it will make you run flailing your arms to a local computer goods store. 75% of spouses flirt with an outside source online. In other words they are not flirting with their significant other. 26 million children surf the Internet and 1 out of 5 are solicited for sex online.

64% of employees access employment Internet for personal non-work related searches. The dangers that we are faced with are real and can cause great consequences. It is the responsible thing to do in keeping tabs on what your computer is being used for no matter who the user may be.

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