Online Dangers in the Form of Abuse, Harassment or Defamation – Part 2

No one likes to be the victim of a bully.  Unfortunately one of the online dangers that kids face is abuse, harassment or defamation by a griefer or cyber bully.

Rumors can be very detrimental to a child and as a parent there are steps you can take to alleviate the problem. Before your child gets involved online it would be a good idea to discuss a plan of action if they find they are being harassed or abused online.

It is a good idea to talk about these online dangers before they happen because often kids will become embarrassed and think that they can handle the problem by themselves.  If you have discussed what they should do before it happens they may be more likely to come to you if the bullying does indeed occur.

One way of handling these meanies is to advise your child to ignore them.  Sometimes when a bully does not get the attention expected they simply move on.

Advise your child to choose a user name that does not invite abuse or bullying.  Bullies look for user names that can be made fun of.

As a parent it is a good idea to analyze the situation before stepping in.  Take the time to determine if there is actually a problem.

If the harassment includes threats of any kind of violence you should report the situation to the police.  Any defamation type of harassment should be saved.  Keep e-mails and any posts that are defaming or threatening in nature.  Also keep track of the times and dates.

Online dangers in the form of abuse, harassment or defamation need to be acknowledged and dealt with.

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