Online Dangers in the Form of Abuse, Defamation and Harassment – Part 1

There are all kinds of places where kids may suffer abuse at the hands of other children.  Kids may be harassed or defamed at school, in the park or on the playground.  Children are also being abused and harassed online.  These online dangers are real and they are happening often.

Bullies make a kids life miserable and can often lead to long term problems.  Online these kids are called griefers or cyber bullies.  There are things you should know about these cyber bullies and online dangers.

Sometimes these bullies start the harassment or abuse and continue until they ruin someone’s reputation.  Rumors spread quickly and it isn’t long before it is too late to turn things around.

There are several ways that cyber bullies harass their victims.  The abuse, harassment or defamation can take place when the bully sends an e-mail to the victim.  These e-mails may also be sent to others, including friends of the target.

Online dangers in the form of harassment may occur in blogs and on web sites.  The griefer may have a web site or blog and post rumors about another person.  The bully may also lie about the other person or criticize them.

Cyber bullies sometimes use online forums as a way to defame, abuse or harass others.  The bully will post mean comments and criticisms to every post of their target.

There are games that kids play online and this is a situation where a cyber bully will take advantage of another player, especially a new player.  The new player will be cheated or harassed.

Part 2 of this article will contain information about what steps you can take to protect your child from these online dangers.

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