MySpace Terms and Conditions – Part Two is an online service that lets members set up personal profiles that are then available for others to read. These profiles are linked together through networks of friends.

There are terms and conditions that must be agreed to before your registration can be completed. This is true for members and visitors alike.

To be eligible as a member of MySpace you must be living in a place where this kind of membership is not prohibited. You are expected to be honest and submit information that is truthful as well as accurate. Any member of MySpace needs to be at least 14 years of age. Using MySpace can not violate any law or regulation that is applicable. If MySpace believes that someone under the age of 14 is using the site their membership can be immediately terminated.

Any member can terminate their membership at any time. The MySpace agreement remains in effect and in full force for anyone using the service. You should also know that MySpace can terminate anyone’s membership at any time without warning.

There may be times when there will be a fee for certain services provided by MySpace. If your membership is terminated and you have paid for any service this fee will not be refunded.

When you register as a member of MySpace you will need to choose a password. It is up to each member to protect the confidentiality of this password. You are not allowed to use someone else’s password, account or username or to share your password. If you think someone has used your account or has gained access to your password you should notify MySpace immediately.

MySpace Terms and Conditions – Part Three will be available soon.

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