MySpace Terms and Conditions – Part Three

This article is part three in a series of four that explains some of the terms and conditions set forth by These terms and conditions exist for anyone who wants to use any MySpace services.

Anyone who uses MySpace is expected to do so for personal reasons only. No one should use the services of MySpace for any commercial endeavors unless they are specifically approved of or endorsed by

There is a section that details the proprietary rights in content on MySpace. This section tells members that MySpace does not claim ownership rights in the files, text, photos, images, works of authorship, video, sounds, musical works or any other materials that are posted to the MySpace services.

When you display or publish any content through the MySpace services you are granting a limited license to use, publicly perform, modify, publicly display, reproduce and distribute this content solely on and through MySpace services.

If this license did not exist, would not be able to provide MySpace services. Without this license would not be able to digitally compress music files that members submit so that they satisfy technical requirements. Members would not be able to listen to music posted by others. Content can not be sold or distributed outside of MySpace.

Members must represent and warrant that the content posted is owned by them or that the member has the right to grant the license required. The posting of content can not violate publicity rights, privacy rights, copyrights, contract rights or any other rights of any person. Any member who posts content must agree to pay any and all fees, royalties or monies owed to any person.

MySpace Terms and Conditions – Part Four will explore content even further.

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