MySpace Terms and Conditions – Part Four

There are many terms and conditions set forth by One important area to pay attention to is content.

When a member want to post any content there are rules that need to be followed. These rules are carefully outlined in the terms and conditions. reserves the right to delete any content that violates the agreement signed by each member at the time of registration. If the content is illegal, offensive, violates the rights of others or threatens to harm someone, MySpace may delete it. You should know that MySpace does not accept responsibility for monitoring the content of any member or for modifying or removing content.

MySpace members are responsible for all content they post on or through any services provided by MySpace. MySpace does not necessarily review the content posted by members. Anything posted does not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or policies of MySpace and it makes no warranties as to the content or the reliability or accuracy of any content.

It is important to choose your content carefully because anything you post on MySpace is available to all users of the site. Your personal profile can not contain your last name, street address, or any telephone number.

You are not allowed to post photographs that contain nudity or obscene, excessively violent, lewd, sexually explicit, harassing, or otherwise questionable material. Be aware that although these things are not allowed they are certainly available on the site because states in the terms and agreement section that members may actually provide any and all of these things when they post content and MySpace does not assume responsibility or liability for any of this material.

Read the terms and agreements carefully before becoming a member of MySpace.

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