MySpace Software For Parents

Good news for those parents who are concerned about MySpace safety issues.

There is a new kind of software being developed for parents who have kids using MySpace. MySpace is a popular hangout for teens and young adults. Unfortunately it is also a popular online hangout for adult predators who see the site and those like it as places to lure kids into unsafe relationships.

The new software can be used to let parents know the user name, age and location a child lists on his or her profile. The software was also designed to give kids a little room in which to operate. This is a good thing because it is very likely that kids who are too closely monitored will just change sites. Other social networking sites such as Xanga or Facebook do not have software available for parents.

The new software will be provided free of charge to parents and should be operational by this summer. Parents should be aware that they will not be able to use the software to look at password protected profiles or communications written to others. There is software that can be purchased that will give parents more information.

Another advantage of the new software that has been designed to alleviate some problems of MySpace safety is the component that will be able to report the existence of multiple profiles. Sometimes teens have more than one profile, one is for parents to see and the other is for friends.

MySpace safety is a concern of parents, law enforcement authorities and school administrators. This new piece of software which is known at this time as “Zephyr” should help ease a few of these concerns.

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