MySpace Safety Tips for Parents and Teens

Some parents refuse to let their kids have profiles or any information on sites like MySpace.  There are ways to make a MySpace safety plan and teach your kids how to use the internet in the safest way possible.

Think of it like this; remember when your child was first ready to use the stove.  It was a little scary and you were concerned that the child would burn himself or even start a fire.  You taught him the safest way to use the stove and then watched to make sure he understood and could follow the directions.  MySpace safety tips will help you in the same kind of way.

MySpace safety tip #1:  Explore MySpace together.  Get to know the site and the inherent dangers and then discuss them.

MySpace safety tip #2:  Set rules for the use of your computer and stick to them.  This may include the time spent each day and also where the computer is located.  Consider putting the computer in an area that is well-used rather than allowing the child to have the computer in her room.

MySpace safety tip #3:  Make it perfectly clear: your child is never, under any circumstances, to meet someone in person whom they have met on the internet.  If your child has a total fit about this policy offer to go along to meet the person, it is very likely that the other person will not agree to this.

MySpace safety tip #4:  Pay attention to what your child is doing on MySpace or any other internet site.  You have the right to monitor all activity and you should.

Follow these MySpace safety tips and you will have a better chance of keeping your child safe.

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