MySpace Safety: Setting The Rules

You have a child or children who want to be online but you are worried about MySpace safety issues.  Good for you!  There are some good things about sites like MySpace but if you want to keep your kids as safe as possible you should set the rules before the kids get online for the first time.

Children can be very gullible and naïve.  MySpace safety rules will help ensure your children have the best experience possible with as few risks as possible.

Strangers are not only a danger to kids in real life, they are every bit as dangerous in cyberspace.  Your children should know that there is some information that should never be given out.  Kids may not realize that they are putting themselves in harms way when they tell someone online their real name or address.  Kids often think it is perfectly fine to give out their cell phone numbers or where they go to school.  Make it clear that MySpace safety depends on keeping these things off their space and correspondence.

Talk to your child about those who may not be truthful online.  Someone could tell them they are 13 years old and live in New York City when the truth is the person is actually a man who is 45 years old and is looking for a child to seduce.

Decide whether or not you will allow your children to take part in chat rooms.  Sometimes in a busy chat room a person will ask the child to move to a private chat room.  This can be very dangerous and you will need to set your family’s MySpace safety rules ahead of time.

MySpace is a much safer place when MySpace rules are in place and followed.

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