MySpace Safety Rules

If your child is using the online site MySpace to meet new friends, it is crucial that you have a set of rules for them to follow.  This will help to ensure their safety, and your overall peace of mind.  Listed below are three MySpace safety rules that you will want to implement right away.

1. One of the most important MySpace safety rules is never giving out contact information.  To your child, this may not be that big of a deal.  But to a predator, this is all that they need.  Make sure you tell your child that there are people who may not be who they say they are.  If they understand why they cannot give out contact information, they will be more likely to follow this rule.

2. Another MySpace safety rule is no in person meetings, ever!  This goes along with rule number one.  You should tell your kids how big of a danger this is, and let them know what the inherent issues with an in person meeting are.

3. An overall MySpace safety rule should be that the lines of communication between you and your child are always open. This way, if you think that a problem is developing your child will trust you enough to show you what they have been doing online.  This kind of trust may be difficult to establish up front, but if you work on it you should be able to get there in time. 

These are just three basic MySpace safety rules.  You can come up with your own set of rules as you think of them. 

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