MySpace: Questions Most Often Asked

When using MySpace you may have many questions.  This article contains some of those questions.

First of all. the people using MySpace want to know if the site is free. They also wonder how to begin using MySpace.

Other frequently asked questions concern the safety of the site.  What can be done if someone is harassing or bothering a member?  How do you report illicit activity on MySpace?  What should be done if people are communicating with someone who does not know them and does not want to correspond.

People ask about their profiles and how to change them. They inquire about adding color, sound and graphics to the Profile page.  Information is required about changing their e-mail address and/or password.  Other questions are asked concerning the addition of information to the profile.  What can be done if parts of a profile disappear?  What steps should be taken when a profile is hacked?
They want to know how to change the order friends appear on their list and how to delete people from that list.  People ask about uploading images and what can be done when a HTML code is added to a profile and does not show up.

Finally, questions are asked about groups and what the purpose is.  They also want to know how to join a group without having it listed on their profile.  Can the list of groups a person belongs to be removed from a profile?  How is a member removed from a group and how can someone be blocked from a group?

These are all good questions that are often asked by those using MySpace.

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