MySpace Predators – Watch your Profile and Picture

Do you use the website MySpace?  If so, what do you have posted for your picture?  Or how about your profile?   When getting started with MySpace, a lot of people make the mistake of including a picture or profile that is just begging for trouble. 

When it comes to your MySpace picture, you will want to make sure that it is tastefully done.  In other words, there is no reason to include a picture that is racy or will draw the wrong type of attention.  If you do this, you are just asking for predators to start contacting you left and right.  Just because your picture is tasteful does not mean that it will not attract other people.

As far as your profile is concerned there is one major area of concern to keep in mind.  You should never reveal any contact information in your profile.  This even includes your email address.  By putting contact information where everybody can see it, you are giving the predators the ability to contact or maybe even find you without any problem at all.  This is something that you will want to avoid.  The good thing is that this can be done by simply omitting this information from your profile. 

Overall, MySpace is all about meeting people from all over the world; and this can be done with relative ease.  Just make sure that you think twice before you post your picture and profile.  By using common sense you will be able to get a lot out of MySpace while still staying safe. 

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