MySpace: Content Information-Part One

When using MySpace there are several things that are prohibited in the area of content.  This is the first article in a series of four that will give you information about things that are not supposed to be posted on MySpace.

Any content that is patently offensive and promotes racism is not allowed.  This includes posts that contain bigotry, threats of physical harm against any group or individual.

No one on MySpace should exploit people in a violent or sexual manner.  Content should not include violence or nudity or any offensive subject matter.  Links to adult websites are also prohibited.

You can not harass or advocate the harassment of another person or group.  Solicitation of personal information from anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited.

You are not allowed to provide certain information such as your last name, URL’s, e-mail addresses, phone numbers or street addresses.

MySpace prohibits the promotion of illegal or unauthorized copying of another person’s copyrighted work.  This means you can not provide pirated computer programs or the links to them.  You can not provide information that would circumvent manufacture-installed copy-protect devices.  Providing pirated music or links to pirated music files is also prohibited.

Content that involves the transmission of “chain letters,” unsolicted mass mailing, “junk mail”, instant messaging, spamming or spimming is prohibited.

Posts that contain information that you know is misleading or false is not allowed.  You can not promote illegal activities or information that is threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene or libelous.

You should realize that although these are terms and conditions set forth by they do not accept responsibility for any material that is posted.

Part two of MySpace: Content Information will continue to explore prohibited content posting.

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