MySpace Content Information-Part Four

MySpace may investigate and take legal action against anyone who violates their content policy.  They may report anyone who violates their content policies to law enforcement authorities.

When you become a member of MySpace you must sign an agreement that states all of their terms and conditions.  These content policies may or may not be monitored and members are solely responsible for any content they post.

Those using MySpace are prohibited from using the account, password or username of another member.  A member may not disclose their password to a third party or allow a third party to access their account.

You are prohibited from selling or transferring your profile.

Members may not display an advertisement on their profile or accept anything of value or a payment from a third person in exchange for performing a commercial activity on or through MySpace services on behalf of that person.  This means that you are not allowed to put commercial content on your profile or post bulletins or blogs that have a commercial purpose.  You can not choose a profile that has a commercial purpose as one of your “Top 8” friends and you can’t send private messages with a commercial purpose.

You are not allowed to use any information obtained from the services of MySpace to abuse, harass, or harm another person.

When creating band profiles you may not copy the code for your MySpace player and embed it into other profiles.  You are also prohibited from asking other members to embed it into their profiles.

You may not try to impersonate another person or member of MySpace.

No one may use the services of MySpace in a way that is inconsistent with any and all of the applicable regulations and rules.

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