MySpace and Teens: What Can Parents Do?

If you have a computer that has access to the internet and you are a parent of a child or teen who knows his way around cyberspace, there are some things you can do to keep your son or daughter safe.  MySpace is an extremely popular site that is well-used by over 100 million people.

Many teens are excited about MySpace because it allows them to meet new people and post a profile that gives lots of information about them.  What they don’t always understand and what many of them are not willing to accept is that there are people who use MySpace for predatory reasons.

Parents can take measures to ensure the safest possible use of MySpace. The first thing to do is visit MySpace and take a look at the site.  Check out what is available and look at the groups that teens can be a part of.  Know your way around the site and get comfortable with what MySpace has to offer.  When you do this you will be able to have an informed discussion with your kids.

Discuss the use of MySpace with your kids and setup some family rules.  Let the kids voice their opinions about MySpace and if they already have a profile take a look at it with them.  If they don’t have a profile but are planning one, talk about acceptable information that will be posted on the site.

Set time limits for MySpace.  If necessary you can move the computer to a family room or less private area than a teen’s bedroom.  Pay attention to the time your kids are spending on the site and from time-to-time monitor MySpace yourself.

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to sites like MySpace.

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