MySpace And Safety Issues

MySpace is an extremely popular website that is used as a social-networking and lifestyle communications vehicle. The use of MySpace has greatly increased and since it is used extensively by young people many safety issues have come to light.

Parents have begun asking questions about the safety and privacy of those who use MySpace. MySpace integrates web profiles, instant messaging, blogs, music downloads, photo galleries, events, classified listings, e-mail and chatrooms. All of this information can be accessed by anyone connecting with MySpace and this is where safety and privacy issues can become a problem.

Not everyone using MySpace is truthful when putting their personal information online. Predators will often lure kids into relationships that can become very dangerous. Young people sometimes give out too much information and will trust people they should not even be involved with.

Parents need to be aware of what information their kids are giving out. They should also monitor whom their children are communicating with. Music downloads can often come from unreliable sources, and should be discouraged.  Some parents feel they need to trust their kids and not interfere in their online lives, but this can be a HUGE mistake because children and teens do not always use good judgment and they tend to be too trusting.

Children and teens may also give out false information when they are using the MySpace website. Kids often lie about their ages and post other personal information that is misleading or not accurate.

Many young people safely use MySpace but it is up to parents to check up on their children and make sure any dangers are addressed and eliminated.

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