My Space User Safety Guidelines

There are more concerns and or dangers on the Internet today than ever before. As we see through the media there are teen suicides, racial threats and acts of near criminal behavior through what was to be an innocent means of communication.

Because of such dangers and harms online we must be cautious of what we say and do online. This is why My Space has set up guidelines and boundaries for users and parents to understand and put in place for Myspace safety. These guidelines are as follows below.

• Honesty is to be used at all times. My Space users are to be age 14 and over. If at anytime a user is found to be at a younger age than 14 the My Space profile will be deleted. The danger of telling a chat buddy that you are older than your true age is not to be taken lightly. This is not to be done as a joke or for “fun”. Both youth and adults can suffer consequences that are controlled by the law.

• Self-representation is a key factor. Do not take lightly the way that you represent yourself online. If you portray any other type of person that you are there can be once again consequences that result in negative effects.

• Any inappropriate behavior, language or content can be reported causing a My Space profile to be extinguished.

• Caution is advised when adding people to your friends list. It is suggested that only close friends and relatives be added to your space.

• The profiles on My Space are public. Do not post personal information or embarrassing material. You could fall victim to discrimination and other dangers such as predators or identity theft.

Following these guidelines can prevent dangers and ensure a positive My Space experience.

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