Make Your Own Internet Safety Quiz

Keeping your children safe online is the utmost importance with the rise of online dangers, predators, bullies and identity thieves make the Internet a dangerous playground. Go over safety tips and set some ground rules prior to allowing your kids online. You can even create your own internet safety quiz that will prove to you that your kids were listening to you and that they are ready for the responsibility of using the Internet.

Keep your quiz around ten questions long that cover the important key components of Internet safety. Some example questions are as follows. Should you provide your personal information such as your full name, address, and email or phone number? Should you meet with a chat buddy in person?

Should you give your school address or activity schedule out online? Is it okay to retaliate to mean or cruel remarks online? If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable about someone you chat with online, what do you do? The questions do not have to be complex or extremely lengthy, they should simply reconfirm the proper way to surf the net, chat online safely.

Once your child passes the internet safety quiz you will feel more comfortable when they do begin searching online, entering chat rooms and emailing all of their friends. Don’t hesitate to remind them of the safety tips you have discussed. It can’t hurt to refresh their minds every now and again. The news shows the dangers that can happen when safety is not spoken of. Protect your kids as you would protect yourself online. You will both be thankful that you did.

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