Is There Such A Thing As MySpace Safety?

We hear all kinds of gloomy reports about MySpace and while many of them are true it looks as if MySpace is here to stay and if you have kids who spend time on the Internet it will be wise to face the issues of MySpace safety.  You can choose to ignore MySpace safety concerns but the realization is that it would be better to be armed with the necessary information.

It is true that predators of all kinds have figured out how to contact and meet kids through sites like MySpace.  It is also true that kids can be very naïve and think that they can handle these kinds of situations and have nothing to fear.

So the question remains; is there such a thing as MySpace safety?  The answer is, yes there is.  Parents need to know the risks and be willing to find out all they can about the dangers. Parents also need to be the ones to set limits and enforce the rules of Internet use with their kids.

While raising children it will always be far easier to be a friend to your sons or daughters but as always what the kids really need is a role model and enforcer.  Someone who cares enough about their children to figure out what is going on and someone who can and will follow through with consequences.

This is especially true if as a parent you want to reduce the dangers on MySpace and other sites of its kind.  Know all you can about MySpace safety and don’t be afraid to question your kids about suspicious behavior.  Make the consequences clear and don’t give in when it comes to MySpace safety rules.

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