Is MySpace Too Risky For Kids?

MySpace is an online site that is very popular with teens and young adults. The people who log on to MySpace think nothing of revealing all kinds of personal details.

There are lots of rules that are supposed to be followed by everyone using MySpace. The owners of MySpace review the site for sexually explicit photos because they are not allowed. MySpace also uses a search engine to scan the site for profiles of members who may be too young for the site.

MySpace is concerned with the safety issues and works with law enforcement agencies to investigate and prevent illegal activity. The problem is that kids often do not realize that there may be people using MySpace who are not their friends and intend to do them harm.

MySpace can also be risky because predators have a young person’s profile right in front of them and can instant message them. Predators can look for exactly the type of person that interests them and work on any vulnerabilities the child may have.

Kids often do not tell their parents when they have been sexually harassed online. Many times parents do not even know their children have a space on MySpace. These two things combined point to a really risky situation.

Young people may think they are safe if they don’t give out their address. They often don’t realize that a predator can easily figure out where they go to school or are employed if they post pictures of themselves standing in front of their school building or the place where they work.

MySpace can be a risky place to be. Parents can lower the risks when they know what their kids are doing online.

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