Internet Safety Tips For Kids And Teens

The Internet can be an educational tool as well as an entertainment source when used wisely. Unfortunately with all areas of life there are dangers associated within technology. When it comes to using the Internet we have to not only protect ourselves but our children as well. There should be precautions set up for kids and teens when using the Internet.

First things first, tell your younger children to only visit sites with their parent’s permission. Sites that offer appropriate content for the age of the child. You can set these sites up within the favorites section of a tool bar for quick and safe website selections. For teens it can be more of a serious discussion as to what the real dangers are. Cyber bullying and online predators are a real danger.

Your kids and teens should be informed that at anytime if they are threatened or experience content from a site that makes them uncomfortable in anyway they should discuss this with you and proper action can be taken when necessary. It is also key to warn your children to never to meet with a person that they have been speaking with personally, especially unaccompanied.

If they want to meet this new cyber friend it is best to take a parent or guardian with you for safety. Abductions are increasing from cyber stalker meetings and cyber bullying is very alarming as well. With hateful remarks and trickery played on teen emotion there is often a tragic end to this situation.

This is why it is such a great importance to speak with all ages of your children and prepare them on how to keep themselves safe from the unwanted dangers associated with the Internet. If this is done prior to letting your young family members online you will be setting them up with the knowledge they need to protect themselves while having a successful Internet experience.

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