Internet Safety for Teachers and Educators

When it comes to using the Internet in an educational facility or environment, there are often guidelines that were previously created and set in place for you to follow. In the case of a home schoolteacher it can be left up to you personally to create rules and guidelines for your students to follow for Internet safety.

There are some basic tips to give out to your students prior to allowing them to go online. Create a policy that they sign alongside of your own name. Keep this policy posted aside of the designated computer. Ensure that they only access the Internet with your or another adults in the facilities permission.

If a site with inappropriate content is pulled up allow for an adult to be aware of this and close the site. Allow your students to access sites that have only appropriate content that is age appropriate.

These sites can be saved in the favorites section for easy access to appropriate sites. If a student wants to visit a site you can have a rule that you have to preview it prior to allowing access to it. By setting up rules and guidelines to follow then students can have an enjoyable and successful time while surfing the net.

For examples on Internet safety policies you can find as well as print these offline. There are games and videos on Internet safety available to help you teach your students about online predators and cyber bullies. This can be done with parent’s permission or as a parent accompaniment day.

This is also helpful for times when the Internet is used at home for assignments. Internet safety is key to making the best experience from an online search for both kids and parents. Internet safety is a must in today’s daily life and you can create a safe environment when you set rules in place.

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