Guarding Your Cyber Kids

Limiting your kid’s online activities isn’t being an ogre despite what they say. It’s about keeping them safe. The appalling facts are that nearly 15 percent of the profiles on MySpace are for children 14 years old or younger.

Parents don’t limit their children’s online activities to the extent they need to, nor do they monitor what their children are doing when they’re surfing the Web.

The numbers are scary. A recent survey determined that almost percent of parents of minors admitted they have never talked to their children about protecting themselves from cyber predators.

One out of every five parent the researchers questioned said that they had failed to tell their children about how to safeguard their personal information or given them any guidance on limiting what they post in their online activities.

A majority of these kid’s parents said they hadn’t been monitoring their child’s online posts, their passwords, their screen names or the information they posted on their online account. Most of these parents were not limiting their kid’s online activities. Parents with children 14 years or older took even fewer precautions than did the parents of the younger kids.

Sometimes limiting kids online activities can mean simply limiting the privacy you give them while they’re online as well as limiting the hours they spend online. There are certain things you just can’t prepare for and for these things you’d want to be able to look over your child’s shoulder periodically.

One is the habit of predators and porn sites to buy misspelled site names that don’t give a clue to their real identity. Others pick seemingly innocuous names that would be regularly visited by the age group they prefer to victimize.

We once visited a site allegedly a campaign site for a prominent political candidate. It turned out to be porn. You just never know. That’s why your limiting your kids online activities to times and places where you can oversee is important.

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