Form a Support Group for Online Dangers

MySpace is a site that kids and teens are drawn to by the thousands. They want to create their personal profiles, chat with friends and meet new people.  Online dangers can be an issue and concerned parents can get involved and make the site as safe as possible for their kids.

One way to tackle online dangers head-on is to form a parents support group.  This is an excellent way to get educated on online dangers, set up rules and regulations and monitor kids using the site.

Not only is there safety in numbers there is also wisdom and support in numbers.  Talk with other parents and set up a meeting.  Prepare a list of questions and concerns you have as well as ideas and encourage other parents to do the same.

Let your kids know what is going on and inform them that parents of their friends are also involved in the group.  Before the first meeting go online and take a look at MySpace. Find out about some of the MySpace safety issues.  Check out other parental websites concerning online dangers and learn what other parents are doing to keep their children safe.

When you meet with parents talk about your concerns and then form a plan of action.  Try to decide on limits and rules about using MySpace.  If the parents can agree on some of these items you will be able to form a united front.  The kids will know that their parents are in agreement on many of the basic online danger rules and that all the parents will be monitoring any use of the site when the kids are at their homes.

Band together with other parents and you can make online dangers a little less worrisome.

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