Engaging Chat – My Space Safety

In a day and age where milk cartons and commercial flyers include so many heart-breaking photos of children who disappeared from their families’ homes, or who never returned home from school or from a play date with a friend, it is not surprising that parents are more vigilant than ever when it comes to the safety of their children.

Many children now experience curbside service, and are dropped off and picked up right in front of their schools and the homes of their friends by their parents who will watch them as they enter the relative safety of those buildings.

Yet sadly those same protective parents forget to keep their vigilance up to date when their little ones get bigger, and first learn how to set up a spot for themselves on My Space. Safety suddenly is not so much a concern anymore; after all, the child – or teen – is in the safety of the parental home, and what could happen, right?

Wrong! My Space safety is a major issue that parents need to be aware of, and it should not be left to the website to police itself. Many a sexual assault has occurred because a young teen has agreed to meet another – alleged – teen who turned out to be a predator on the hunt.

My Space safety is every parent’s job, and quite possibly the next kind of “curbside service” you can provide for your kids – even as they are growing older and more independent. Do not worry if they complain about your hovering once in a while to check what they are doing – that is their job!

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