Easy Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Kids don’t need a huge binder full of lengthy tips and guidelines before they get onto the computer. Instead your kids need some simple to follow and easy to understand safety tips. There are three main points that you want to discuss. These points include online bullies, Internet predators and personal information security. There has been a recent rise in Internet bullies.

Kids and even parents have been found to attack kids online verbally. Taunting emails and disturbing remarks have lead to the unfortunate loss of young lives. This is uncalled for and must be stopped. As Internet security works on cracking down on this behavior it is our duty to teach our children to ignore these remarks or comments and to bring them to your attention instead of retaliating. Be sure to discuss online predators with your kids.

You certainly don’t have to go into detail, but allowing your children to know that there are people who can see there words and read them may help them to better understand. This level of discussion and description will vary with children’s ages.

With the shocking rise in identity theft we have to protect our children in this area as well. Ensure your children’s safety by telling them not to use their full name, birth date, home address or school location online.

This goes for phone numbers and email addresses to. Scam artist sit and wait for the chance to find a name or other information that they can sell to another shady individual for a profit. Keeping these safety tips in mind and discussing then with your kids will protect their present and their future.

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