Creating Online Profiles while Keeping your Identity Safe

Data mining is the practice engaged in by unscrupulous marketers who are looking to sell your information to eager multi level marketing newbies and others who would make sure to inundate you with advertisements.

Online profiles from the major social networking sites are the premier source for the data being mined, and considering that part and parcel of these profiles is a clear spelling out of likes as well as dislikes, philosophies, and other marketable data, it is not at all surprising that marketers see this source as fair game.

Creating online profiles while keeping your identity safe protects from data mining in more ways than one; while you want to keep Internet predators at bay, you also will protect yourself from marketers and the endless parade of spam emails in your email’s in box. In addition, by only giving out a few choice bits and pieces of yourself you will generate more interest in your profile by those whom you are interacting with and less by marketers who need facts.

To this end, be only as detailed in your description of yourself as you feel you must be to hook up with like-minded individuals. Do not put down the names of the stores where you shop or the brand names of clothes you like to wear.

This information is considered to be of premier commercial value and the marketers on the troll will stop at your profile for sure. Furthermore, have a dedicated mailbox associated with your social networking presence. This prevents your home mailbox from getting overrun with spam and it also protects your address and phone number, since many times Internet services are now bundled with residential phone services.

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