Communication Can Help Stop Cyber Bullies

Cyber bullying is a very serious issue many children and teens are facing today. Parents are more aware of these issues today because of highly covered child and teen suicides that happen because of cyber bullying.

It is necessary not to just discuss the meaning of cyber bullying but also how to eliminate cyber bullying. Talking to children about the consequences of cyber bullying is often not enough.

Teaching your children to respect one another and getting them to report any behavior to you they find inappropriate is important, as well.

Once cyber bullying starts your response may need to depend on the situation. When things happen to students off campus, parents are on their own without the school’s help. Even if the students go to the same school, when the school gets involved the law states its going against the student’s right of speech. So, parents often must handle the situation without the school?s help.

To help stop cyber bullying, parents need to have open and honest conversations with their children about what they do and see online. Children should be able to come to a parent or another trusted adult if they are being cyber bullied.

Giving a child an open line of communication paves allows the parent to help his or her child deal with anything. Parents should take their child seriously, and take action against suspicious and bothersome activities. Internet usage needs to have a limit on it for children to help prevent them from cyber bullying.

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