Chat Rooms and Chat Definitions

Millions of kids and teens use chat rooms every day and most of them never run into any serious problems.  Chat definitions are part of our culture and something that the kids seem to understand better and faster than most parents.

Chat definitions are part of the lingo used in chat rooms.  They are used in place of other words and often used to shorten the time it takes to send someone a message.

There are children and teens who have been victimized online and often the victimization starts in a chat rooms.  Parents can help prevent these problems if they have a working knowledge of chat definitions.

Predators will enter chat room conversations and using chat definitions talk to kids and determine which ones appear to be the most vulnerable.  Kids don’t think too much about this because these folks are using the type of online communication they are used to.

Often the kids who are the most quiet are the ones who become targets.  Predators look for victims who are agreeable and quiet.  The predator then lures a child into a private chat room and continues with the communication.

A predator does not start by sexually propositioning the child but continues to talk and gain the child’s confidence.  Chat definitions that are possibly not understood by parents are still used because it makes it less likely that a parent will catch on or realize that something is going on that should not be.

Know what your kids are doing online and monitor their computer usage.  Understand chat definitions and you may be able to stay one step ahead of those who are looking for young victims in chat rooms.

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