Big Mom is Watching

One of the best online safety tips for parents is to find a software application or online service that will let you watch everything your children do on the Internet. There are many around, one of them by a major Internet provider. Let’s take a look at what is offer to parent as tips and tools for their children’s online safety.

The software provides what are referred to as parental controls. Built into this major IP program, it helps parents keep tabs on and control of what their children do on the Internet. Parents can determine which online games their kids are taking part in, which software programs they use and which Web sites they are visiting and when they are doing so.

One of the best online safety tips for parents is to restrict a child’s Web use to times you are at home. If you see that specific Internet sites are being visited regularly but only times when you and any other adult supervisor is absent, you can bet it’s someplace you don’t want them to be.

If you’re wondering how you can keep a child from using the Internet when you’re not there, because, after all – you’re not there to stop them. The answer is that this software application will stop them. You simply tell the program that these sites are not to be visited during specific hours. Your child will be effectively locked out from those sites until and unless you allow them access.

You’ll be given access to one centralized Parental Control panel, where you can configure your parental controls. Here is where you set time, hours and age-based blocking limits on Web sites as you see fit.

You can block or allow access to specific Web programs, specific Web sites or specific games. The only conditions under which this safety tips beta for chat room and other monitoring and blocking won’t work is in a LAN network environment such as a business office.

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