Basic Internet Safety Rules

Kids and grown ups alike need tips and guidelines to follow when they get onto a computer. Instead of just jumping in feet first you and your kids need some simple to follow and easy to understand internet safety tips. There are three key areas that you will want to discuss. These areas can a talk that includes Internet bullies, online predators and the protection of personal information.

There has been an alarming rise in Internet bullies. Verbal abuse, horrific practical jokes and more are being spoken of on the news and in local papers. Taunting emails and curt remarks have lead to the teens taking their own lives This can be prevented by providing your children with the necessary tools such as Internet safety discussions.

We have to let them know that retaliating is certainly not the answer. Ensure your youths safety by discussing online predators with your children. Keep your discussion age appropriate simply making them aware that stranger danger is online as well as outdoors.

As identity theft cases continue to rise we have to protect our children’s personal information as we do our own. Inform your children that personal information includes their full name, birth date, home address or school location online.

Also protect phone numbers and email addresses also. Scam artist wait for the opportunity to steal a name or other personal information that they can internet safety tips in mind and continuously discussing them with your kids will protect them and could even save their lives.

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