Are You Up To Date On Chat Definitions?

If you are a computer owner, you probably have once or twice ventured into a chat room or two. Have you noticed that there appears to be a lingo that is strictly observed? Chat definitions have become so cumbersome, that entire websites are devoted to them. When reading the chat between some participants, it almost looks like a foreign language with all the abbreviations, and seemingly inane strings of letters that are put together.

While a direct translation at time does not work, knowing some of the more common chat definitions will help you to participate a lot easier in some of the chat rooms and it will also cut down on your frustration as you are trying to make a point, and all you get back in return is a what appears to be a bunch of gibberish.

Here are the most common chat definitions:

  • AAMOF stands for “as a matter of fact”
  • BBIB is the abbreviation for “be back in a bit”
  • CRB means “come right back”
  • Da is actually a piece of Internet slang, which stands for “the”
  • EOT denotes that somebody is done discussing something, because it signals the “end of topic”
  • FWIW stands for “for what it’s worth” and is often used as a filler
  • G2G actually has two meanings; depending on contact it either means “good to go” or “got to go”
  • H&K means “hugs and kisses” and is for those interactions that are a bit friendlier than simply arguing politics or other issues

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