Are Predators a Real Threat on MySpace?

MySpace was developed as a site for older teens and young adults to correspond with friends and be able to talk to people in the United States and almost anywhere else in the world.  Unfortunately it is a breeding ground for sexual predators who realized very quickly that it is a great place to hit on innocent kids.

There are several reasons that this can happen even though there are guidelines for this type of behavior for anyone using MySpace and the site is monitored closely.  Predators find MySpace the perfect place to meet and solicit young people because many teens lie about their age and they are often quite naïve about people.  Most of the time the teens and young adults are using MySpace for innocent reasons.  They simply want to correspond with their friends and meet new people.

Parents often do not understand MySpace or may not even know their teens have profiles on the site.  It is up to parents to know what is going on and to set limits and make rules.

Young people are often not very careful when posting their profiles, photos and personal information.  They don’t worry about anyone getting the information who shouldn’t have it, especially when they have specified a list of people that they will be corresponding with.  This does not keep them safe because anyone can read the information and view anything posted on MySpace.

There are young people who are vulnerable to predators online.  Sometimes it is innocence and other times it may be the thrill of doing something that seems dangerous.  Again, these teens and young adults do not understand what could happen.

Predators are certainly a real threat on MySpace and one to be taken seriously.

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