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Information and Tips to help Parents keep teens and children safe on MySapce

Communication Can Help Stop Cyber Bullies

Cyber bullying is a very serious issue many children and teens are facing today. Parents are more aware of these issues today because of highly covered child and teen suicides that happen because of cyber bullying. It is necessary not to just discuss the meaning of cyber bullying but also how to eliminate cyber bullying. […]

Internet Filtering And Monitoring For Parents

You are not the only parent concerned with their child’s safety online. Internet programmers and website owners are also concerned about your children being as safe and as healthy as possible. With this in mind, they are constantly trying to improve websites so children can be safer and more secure from the possible threats they […]

Web Safety Tips For Kids And Teens

There must be a complete agreement between parents, teens and even younger children saying they will look out for one another when it comes to being and staying safe while on the Internet. The problems most commonly associated with breaches of online safety are the suggested meet ups between posters who only know one another […]

How Online Predators Target Kids

Online predators are becoming trickier and trickier, due to the authorities becoming more aware of their existence. With parents educating their children on what to avoid and authorities busting online predators daily, they are coming up with new ways to target kids. Online Scams Many online predators are reverting to using online scams to gather […]

Why Internet Safety is Important

Thousands of children each year are victims of internet predators. Some are kidnapped, raped or even killed. Most internet predators form relationships with children via chat rooms on the Web, gain the trust of the child and then convince the child to meet them in public. Internet safety is more important than ever before, with […]

Creating Online Profiles while Keeping your Identity Safe

Data mining is the practice engaged in by unscrupulous marketers who are looking to sell your information to eager multi level marketing newbies and others who would make sure to inundate you with advertisements. Online profiles from the major social networking sites are the premier source for the data being mined, and considering that part […]

The Importance Of Web Safety

The Internet can be a useful tool for business and education. It can also be a place to enjoy games and communication with friends and relatives. If the Internet is not used wisely it can be a dangerous playground for our youth. There are four main dangers that we must inform and discuss with our […]

Online Safety Protection With Technology Reinforcement

As we see more and more reports through the media on the dangers that await us online it is no wonder why both family households and businesses alike are choosing to use computer-monitoring software. This technological wonder allows for all computer access and on goings to be recorded. For those who love to battle over […]

Parental Tips For My Space Safety

My Space has become a popular method for keeping in contact with friends and family. This tool has been used in inappropriate ways leading to embarrassment and harassment. Inappropriate content has been displayed and a life lost due to cyber bullying. Because of unfortunate events and information in the media, My Space has placed safety […]

My Space User Safety Guidelines

There are more concerns and or dangers on the Internet today than ever before. As we see through the media there are teen suicides, racial threats and acts of near criminal behavior through what was to be an innocent means of communication. Because of such dangers and harms online we must be cautious of what […]