Cyber Bullying and Anti-Bullying Campaigns

Long gone are the days when kids were safe playing in their own yards or at a neighbor’s house down the street. It seems your children are not safe anywhere, including in your own home. In reality, your home computer can be one of the biggest threats to your child’s safety. Kids are now finding ways to ridicule and harass each other without leaving their bedrooms.

Cyber bullying is becoming more of a problem, the more popular the Internet becomes. One way to protect your child from being victimized by other children is to set up your home computer in an area easily accessible by everyone.

You will be more likely to see what your child is doing and who they are receiving messages from. Keep your child off of unnecessary websites by using a parental block program. Many cases of cyber bullying occur on Myspace or Facebook, so you may want to limit your child’s use of these popular sites.

Instruct your child to not add anyone to their friends list or to give out their email address to anyone they are not close friends with. The most important task is to speak with your child about what cyber bullying is.

They need to be aware not everyone they meet online is going to be their friend and they do not have to listen to people who make them feel bad about themselves or threaten them. Another great idea is to check the websites your child spends their time on. Reading their emails to find out what is being said is also a good idea. While this seems like an invasion of privacy, it is your duty to protect your child from those who may want to hurt them. Thus, if you feel your child may be in danger it’s your job to do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

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