The Top 3 Internet Monitoring Programs

Internet monitoring programs are more and more popular due to parents becoming more aware of the risks associated with possible Internet crimes.

Parents should certainly be aware of what their children are doing online, in order to keep them safe. These three Internet monitoring programs are ideal for parents who want to know their children are safe online.

PC Tattletale

This amazing program can help parents monitor their child’s Internet use, without the child ever being aware of the monitoring. Once it’s installed, the program is invisible to the computer user so the child can’t tell it’s ever been installed.

The program works to allow parents to see what a child types, their passwords, chat messages and more in popular programs like Myspace and other sites.

The parent can use the software to ensure their child is staying safe, following the family computer use rules or just to know where to begin in conversation with the child about many things they’re experiencing.

Spector Pro 2009

This spy software is ideal for parents who want to record emails, chats, IMs, websites visited and keystrokes. It includes Internet time blocking and danger alerts and was voted an Editor’s Choice by PC Magazine.

Safe Eyes 5.0

One of the few programs Mac users can utilize for parental monitoring is Safe Eyes 5.0. The program can be used from a remote location, which gives it an advantage over other programs on the market for parental Internet monitoring. This allows parents to make changes and see things even when they’re away from home, at work.

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