Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activities

Many parents are choosing to monitor their child’s online activities. While other parents may feel this is a bit extreme, it’s actually a wise decision. After all, thousands of children become victims of online predators each year. With online predators lurking around every corner, a parent can’t be too careful. Here are a few ways you can monitor your child’s online activities.

1) Restricting Programs: If you can’t trust your children won’t sneak over to sites you don’t allow or if you’re worried about naughty pop-ups on the computer, think about investing in a computer program which allows you to restrict various sites. These programs often use keywords to limit the sites where your child is allowed to visit.

2) Computer Placement: Even if you limit sites, an older child may still find a way to get to sites you’d rather them not visit. So, be sure to place your family computer in a central location in the house. While you shouldn’t sit over your child’s shoulder to spy on them you can certainly take a peek while walking through the room. The placement will discourage any unauthorized browsing.

3) Education Your Child: It’s important for parents to tell their child why they want to limit their computer viewing. A child may think a parent is simply being mean. However, once they understand there is a risk involved they may be more respectful.

4) Check The History: Parents of older children may want to check the Internet browser’s “history” to see where their child goes when online. This can be a little sneaky, but it can also save your child’s life!

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